Transformation through storytelling


Somekind exists to empower organisations, communities and individuals to build a practice of story so that they:

  1. Understand their own purpose meaningfully.
  2. Can communicate so that it has a tangible positive impact.

Rob Grundel, Storytelling Consultant


I have built things in teams for 16 years. These things have included high end digital products for the Australian Government all the way to improvised theatre shows.

I've seen a lot of time, energy and talent wasted because of poor collaboration. My consultancy and products are focused on enabling individuals within teams to maximise their own potential, and to empower that team to efficiently make innovative products that their customers will love.


Storytelling for Leaders

What is it?

One-day workshop that forms part of a
6-month online program

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  • Why storytelling is a powerful way to connect
  • What kinds of stories you can tell in business
  • How to structure a great story
  • How to come up with your own stories
  • How to craft an engaging story with a powerful message
  • How to tell your story with impact as to excite and engage your audience
  • How to weave your stories into your presentations

How to influence, engage & inspire

Influence without relying on authority. Build fast rapport. Change minds and inspire action. In today's world, organisations are changing quicker than ever before.

Structures are flatter and reporting lines more complex. Staff and customers are spread around the world and everyone is deafened by the 'noise' of information inundation. Yet the modern leader still needs to be able to influence and persuade in this constantly fluid environment.

The sharing of stories orally is a powerful way of cutting through. When we tell stories, people 'get' what we are saying -- and they remember it. This is the case whether we are communicating informally (which is what we do most of the time) or in a more formal environment such as a presentation.

Storytelling for Leaders® will teach you a systematic method for becoming a better, more confident storyteller. Storytelling for Leaders® is not a one-off workshop but a complete six-month program.

The program includes:

A full one-day workshop.

The workshop is highly interactive as we strongly believe in the power of practical activities to foster learning.

Throughout the day you will engage in hands-on activities designed to build your storytelling skills and confidence.

Our unique Deliberate Practice Program (DPP) runs over six months after the conclusion of the workshop. This workplace-based program includes 24 short weekly modules which will embed and enhance what was learnt in the workshop. The DPP includes online support, with the opportunity to ask questions and share your experiences at any time.


One-to-One Coaching

How it works:

Break the eggs

I don't know you and you don't know me, so in this stage we'll get to know each other and uncover the stories that exist in your universe.

Heat the pan

Find the reason, and purpose of sharing your stories and find a focus, whether it's to influence your people.

Make the omelette

Select the right eggs (stories) and combine with purpose. Once you know the process, you can make your own omelette next time.

Team Transformation

No matter how good your processes are or are not, what matters is how good your people are around those processes.

  1. How are people learning how are they finding their purpose in their job?
  2. How are they connecting it to the company's purpose?
  3. How can they work better together to get to an outcome?

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